About CoreExpress®

CoreExpress:  The new standard for small, low-power processor modules without legacy support.

SFF-SIG adopts the CoreExpress Specification!

Enhanced version supports PCI Express Gen2 and DisplayPort with pins reserved for USB 3.0 support in the future.

Nuremberg, Germany, March 2, 2010 - The Small Form Factor Special Interest Group (SFF-SIG), a collaboration of leading suppliers of embedded component, board and system technologies, today announced the adoption and release of the CoreExpress® Specification revision 2.1. CoreExpress was originally developed as a proprietary standard by LiPPERT Embedded Computers GmbH. Under the terms of an agreement between SFF-SIG and LiPPERT, the entire embedded community will now be able to develop CoreExpress modules and applications without regard to confidentiality and without royalties of any kind. Use of the CoreExpress logo will require membership in SFF-SIG.

The specification is directly available from www.sff-sig.org.

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Tiny Low-Power Processor Modules

CoreExpress-ECO CoreExpress, an advanced Computer On Module (COM) specification, was developed to accommodate modern processors like the Intel® Atom™. However, it is not bound to Intel processors. Its tiny size and low power requirements make it the ideal base for small, battery-powered, and wearable embedded PC devices.



Legacy-free Design

A CoreExpress module does not handle legacy I/O. These functions can be implemented easily on the carrier board using USB bridges, if required. There are no analog signals on CoreExpress interfaces. The purely digital concept gives the user maximum flexibility when selecting component for the interfaces required by the application.